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Dr. Vishal Kakar

Periodontology and Oral Implantology
  • Dr. Vishal Kakar completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2006-2011, including Internship) from Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Amritsar, Punjab.
  • He did his Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontology and Oral Implantology (2012-2015) from Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Ferozepur, Punjab.
  • His book “Recent Advances in Periodontal Diagnosis” was published in Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany.
  • He has conducted a research on “Comparison of Periodontal Flap Surgery with Local Drug Delivery using Tetracycline fibres in treatment of moderate to deep periodontal pockets”.
  • Hands on course on Dental Lasers at Genesis Institute of Dental sciences and Research.
  • Oral Implantology course at Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and Research.
  • Paper presented on ‘ Host Modulation Therapy’ at Periorang PG Convention at ITS Dental College, Greater Noida on 1s -t 3rd March 2013.
  • Paper Presentation on ‘Nanotechnology’ at 53rd Punjab State Dental Conference and Inter State Dental Congress,Bathinda on 14th -15th December 2013.
  • Poster Presentation on ‘Host Modulation Therapy’ at 38th ISP PG Conference,Kochi on 24th -28th October,2013.
  • Poster Presentation on ‘ Comparison of Diode Laser with ER:YAG Laser for Depigmentation: A Case report at 39th ISP PG Conference,Jaipur on 10th -14th October,2014.

Facilities at our Clinic :

  • Dental Implants (Osstem Implants- One of the best implants).
  • Gum Surgeries with LASER.
  • Crown lengthening with Diode LASER.
  • Treatment of black gums with LASER (Depigmentation).
  • LASER Tooth Whitening Procedures.
  • Complete Dentures.
  • Cast Partial And Flexible Dentures.
  • Rotary endodontic system, single sitting Root Canal Treatment for faster and easier root canal treatments.
  • Fixed Orthodontic treatment for malaligned teeth.
  • Tooth Coloured Ceramic braces and Lingual Orthodontics.
  • Minor oral surgeries done with sterilised equipment.
  • Fully automatic computerised comfortable dental chairs and units in an air conditioned environment.
  • RVG (Digital Radiography) - With Minimum radiation and instant X-ray images.
  • Intraoral X-ray machine.
  • Intraoral camera for image recording.
  • Ultrasonic scaler for fast and efficient cleaning of teeth.
  • Air abrasion unit for quick and effective stain removal.
  • 3M ESPE LAVA, Zirconia crown and bridge work.
  • Light curing unit for tooth coloured composite fillings and dentin bonding.
  • Autoclave for complete disinfection and sterilization.
  • Software for dental imaging, patient education and patient record management.
  • Online appointments also available.


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